Sunday, September 2, 2012

beach baby

day 245

Yesterday was such an awesome day. We took a little road trip and went to the beach, did some shopping and ate lots of food. Then we came back home and dyed everyone's hair! Now most of the floor has super pretty blue strips in their hair. I'll have some posts up about those in the upcoming days, so look out for that!

This is my beautiful friend Tabatha. She fills my heart with such joy.

my week in instagram #15

made a new friend at the hoedown // got a new fish // hanging flowers in the window // got battle wounds from a photoshoot // fun curly hair // being an obvious college student with mac and cheese, coffee, and hair dye // dying my hair // weekend adventure at the beach // dying everyone's hair!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye August; Hello September

This is my second "month in review" post, and it's really awesome to go back to goodbye July and see how much I've grown even in just one month. A month ago I was scared to death of going to college, I was sad, I was ready for summer to be over, I never wanted summer to end; and now I'm at college and I am so happy. Sorry mom, but I really love living life on my own, especially at a place like George Fox. I do miss my family though, and Matt a lot, but thankfully things like Skype and texting make it not so bad.

But August was definitely a month of changes. Here are some of my favorite posts! You can click through to look at each post.

Letter to matt

Cheers to August for being an adventure-filled month, and to September to be overflowing with even more adventure!

miles, miles, miles

day 244

(click on the photo to view it bigger)

This is my friend Jenna! She helped me take some outfit photos today and we explored the train tracks and talked to old people and got free film cameras. It was so awesome! We were just walking down the street and these two guys were in their front lawn. One asked me what kind of camera I had, and one thing lead to another and they gave us both cameras that they failed at selling at a garage sale. I'm super excited to take more film photos!