Sunday, September 8, 2013

my week in instagram #54

Hello you beautiful people! Long time no see! I successfully finished my first week of school, and will hopefully get on a normal schedule so that daily blogging can be resumed. In the meantime, please enjoy these instagram photos from the past two weeks. I finally got a cell phone again, so the my week in instagram posts have been revived!

1. Matt's brand new BMW. It's a chick magnet for sure and I love riding around in it with the sun roof open and awesome music playing.
2. Finally got to meet little fluffy Dusty. Such a cute little pup!
3. The beeeautiful Oregon road. I love the miles and miles of farmland.
4. Playing monopoly! We have our own rules because monopoly isn't long enough as it is.
5. A cute little kitty I spotted lounging outside on a warm day.
6. Matt was super helpful in helping me unpack. He liked hiding in random places, under the bed being the perfect spot to freak me out.
8. Cutting up some yummy potatoes for dinner. I've literally eaten like twelve potatoes in the past three days.
9. My roommate's decorations. She's hilarious.
10. The color run, round two! (Post to come!)

How was your week? I hope it was fantastic!

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