Tuesday, September 24, 2013

right on track

sweater/button down: thrifted // shorts: forever 21 // boots: borrowed (target)

One of the pluses of living with five other girls is that we get to share each other's wardrobes. This is especially good when I have to leave my pink boots behind at home but one of my friends has the exact same pair as me. This outfit was inspired by this pin that's on my outfit inspiration pinterest board, which is basically filled with outfits I probably couldn't pull off in real life but wish I could. I've actually had this shirt since 2010, (that awkward moment when you actually still wear all of the things in that photo ...) but I put it away in a sack about a year ago (intending to get rid of it) only to rediscover it and consequently fall in love with it all over again. I certainly am fine with that as it's a really fun print, plus I'm constantly living in cold places so I can never have enough sweaters.

As for my classes, they are all going really well. I only wish I was allowed to take more (I'm only allowed 18 credits with my financial aid). Or I wish I could be a triple major. Because if I could, I would literally take every single Art and English class offered. The way the art program is, there is the studio art track or the graphic design track (which has its own particular courses), and each student has to choose three "studies" to complete, which is comprised of three classes each. You can basically pick and choose whatever "study" you want. My three studies are photography, ceramics, and the basic graphic design, which are probably the most unrelated things from each other in the art world as you can get. If I lived in a perfect world though, I would take painting and watercolor and printmaking and sculpture and typography and whatever other classes were offered. My only fear is missing out on a class and thus missing out on discovering that I'm really good at something, you know? All of my high schools' art programs were really small, so I never got to explore many different things. It's a little bit different with English, because I already know that I want to do creative writing, but I just don't know about the art portion.

When I was a little kid, I would paint all the time with acrylic paint. You know, that cheap Michael's paint that was less than a dollar a bottle? I spent all my extra money on that stuff. But I never was very good at painting with it, and I still have never taken an acrylic painting class. So we'll never know if I was gonna be the next Picasso or Gogh (I know I'm not, but do you get what I'm saying?).

But regardless, even when I was really little I knew I wanted to be an artist with my words and with print (photographic, drawing, design, whatever), and it's so cool to finally be able to study those things not in a general high school sense. And I love being able to read other girls' blogs who are studying at universities in the fields that they've always wanted to study. It's really inspiring to watch people fulfill their dreams. (Also on a side note, I'm not saying you have to go to college to fulfill your dream. I know plenty of people who never went to college who are doing awesome things. College certainly isn't for everyone, but it was the right decision for me.)

I just hope that as long as I live, I can live a creative life.

Have a great day everyone!

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