Saturday, September 14, 2013

walking flower

dress: borrowed from Ivy // belt: forever 21 // leggings: target // shoes: modcloth

Happy Saturday everyone! This outfit was from a couple days ago. The same day I wore this, I was attacked by a vicious beast, thankfully after these photos were taken (otherwise you probably would have never seen this outfit since I was in great pain for the duration of the day). Yep. I got stung by a bee. First time ever too, and let me just say that I don't wish that kind of pain upon even my worst enemies. My friends thought it was because I looked like a walking flower that I got stung, and I'll have to admit, with green shoes and bright pink leggings, I do look pretty flower-like, but then my friend Amy got stung in the exact same spot on her body (right on the back of our heels, SO painful) in the exact same location the next day. We think there's a hive or something under the stairs (where we both got stung), so I've been avoiding it like the plague and running away from any sort of flying object and freaking out when anything touches my feet or ankles, because I do not want to experience that kind of pain again.

But, I did feel pretty awesome looking down and seeing the bee stuck to me, and just yanking him out and throwing him on the ground. Of course, running away and freaking out wasn't all that brave, but I won't tell that part of the story to people. ;)

I hope you have a great weekend!

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