Sunday, September 22, 2013

my week in instagram #56

My first two finished assignments for my drawing class! Titled "Fancy Fingers" and "Why the heck did I choose to draw this?" Respectively. (The first assignment was to draw our hand, and the second was to draw a doorway. Lockers totally count as a doorway.)

1. I looked up and saw these really cool moon reflections on the blinds. Pictures followed.
2. Recently I volunteered to help clean a church, and found this polaroid hiding among some broken toys, and they let me keep it! Sadly the film for it is really expensive and I have to save every penny I make for college. (Hint hint, this is the film it takes. ;D )
3. 100% preview of this photo! (You can follow me on instagram here to see these photo previews before anyone else!)

Matt being a creeper while I take shameless selfies in cool mirrors, and me making a silly face. I'm finally letting my hair do it's own thing, and now that it's long again, it's starting to curl like it used to. I still get a couple weird straight pieces though.

A super cute family of deer that live on campus. I've already seen them a couple other times at different places. The baby deer is soooo cute!

I hope you all had a very fantastic week!

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