Sunday, December 2, 2012

my week in instagram #25

a beautiful Oregon sunset // yummy Thanksgiving dinner with some of my favorite people // decorating our door for Christmas! // ice cream all day every day // ceramics class // my college getting ready for Christmas // glazing a pot // pretty fall colors on a rare sunny day // sitting at a fancy art Christmas party

This week has been really long and weird. But there were still some awesome things that happened! Hope you guys have a fantastic week.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

stop whispering

stop whispering

day 335

I know this picture isn't really creative, but I played around with it in photoshop and I wanted a new facebook profile picture, hehe. My date Amy and I went to a fancy Art Christmas party and it was so much fun! You guys would have been proud at how much I was talking. It was seriously a blast eating and hanging out with people and then dancing. You would think that art people would be boring dancers but man, they can get crazy! I can't wait to be an art major! (I'm currently an English major, but I'm going to double major ... I just have to fill out the paperwork!) I seriously love being able to go to a school where everyone is passionate about what they're studying and I love being surrounded by passionate people. Plus the Christmas season always puts me in a good mood. (And this note is for my parents: at the party they played a song from that one Christmas orchestra that you guys always play and it instantly took me back to Christmas in Alaska. I can't wait to come back home in just two weeks!)

november in review

Wow, another month has come and gone. Here are some of my favorite posts from November, which definitely went by way too fast. I can't believe I only have two weeks until I go home! Before I went to college, I had always heard that people change so much their first semester. But I really don't think I've changed any more than I usually do. I've certainly gotten better at managing my time and I can handle living on my own, and I've gotten better at making friends and things like that, but for the most part, I'm still the same. And I like that. Being Lauren is pretty cool sometimes. Needless to say, I am excited to see my family again and hang out with the snow and moose. Be good to me, December.

sailboats wished that they were stars

sailboats wished that they were stars

day 334

I'm too tired to really write a story to go along with this photo, but rest assured there is a beautiful one lurking in the darkness.

And since I'm so tired, I'm simply going to number what happened today.

1. I didn't realize until dinner that it was Friday and it made me really happy.
2. I successfully presented my introvert/extrovert psychology project.
3. We watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and it made me very excited for Christmas.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!