Monday, November 5, 2012


day 308

Long time no see. I've been pretty busy with school, but hope to get back into the swing of things soon. This was taken yesterday. My town has all sorts of crazy things set up like this giant ball made out of twigs that you can crawl into, and it was only by chance that I saw it in the distance.

Model is Ivy.

Friday, November 2, 2012


day 305

If yesterday's picture was taken early in the morning, then today's picture had to be taken at the last possible minute. My original night shoot idea didn't quite work out, but I think I like this one better. Though, I am still no good at shooting concepts at night. What can I say? I like my light and my 100 iso.

Everyone must be getting on the same wavelengths, because today was so lazy for my friends and I. Everyone was asleep after lunchtime! I don't know what it was (the rain, perhaps?) that made us sleepy, but I certainly won't complain. What else happened that is worth sharing? Hmm ... we watched Boy Meets World. Man, flashback Thursday! That was such a hilariously cheesy show. Oh the nineties. I feel sorry for anybody who can't appreciate the nineties. Furbies, scrunchies, shrinky dinks, Kids Bop number one, oh yes, those were the days.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

october in review

Whew, what a crazy month it's been! October has been so good. You can click through the pictures to see some of my favorite posts from this month. But now it is November! This will also be a good month because of all my countdowns. The countdown to Thanksgiving when I get to see Matt and his family again, and then it's almost Christmas time! My dad bought my plane ticket yesterday and I'm so excited to visit my family for a whole month. But in the meantime, thanks to October I have completely fallen in love with autumn, and I can't wait to discover what November holds!

the listener

day 304


model is Alysha

I am so so proud of this photo, I'll just come out and say it. It's very rare that a photo comes out even better than what I had envisioned it in my head, so I am really excited to post this photo. Plus, I took it at 9am! That basically never happens. But today was going to be a busy day and it was the only time Alysha and I could do it. She bought the dress from Goodwill yesterday and today we were already utilizing it for photos. I also went to Goodwill today and bought some other fun props, because I feel like that is incredibly lacking in my photos and I want to explore the usage of props more.

But enough of my ramblings. Today was Halloween! I woke up early for the aforementioned photoshoot, then we headed to Goodwill and Walgreens to buy props and costumes, then I remembered I actually go to school and sat through some classes, and finally it was time for us to get into costume! My little gang and I passed out candy to all the dorms and then we went to the East Side Halloween party (lol I sound so gangster), but it was kind of lame so we left to chill out again in the dorms, which is always fun in of itself. And now the next holiday to look forward to is Thanksgiving! Also I've been counting down the days to that ever since I moved to Oregon.