Sunday, November 10, 2013

my week in instagram #62

This is over the span of two weeks since I forgot to post anything last Sunday.

1. Took some photobooth photos for my school. It was actually pretty easy and fun to hang out with so many students!
2. Dressed up as a zebra at the last minute for Halloween! I'm dreaming up big ideas for next year's Halloween though.
3. Late night food runs with Matt. I may be getting fat from all the fast food, but I love getting to spend time with him.
4. Took a tour of the largest photography studio on the West coast. Please let me work here!
5. Went on a photo adventure and modeled for my friend. Can't wait to see the results of it!
6. Was published in the November issue of Clubhouse Junior Magazine! I took these photos over the beginning of the summer and had to keep it a secret, but I'm really excited to finally be able to tell people about it. My mom is sending me a copy of it so I'll make a proper post when that arrives.
7. Had a little GNO and ate sushi for the first time. It's definitely an acquired taste that I have not acquired yet. But I did really enjoy the mushroom wrapped in salmon (?) with fried batter around it (or at least it was some sort of batter thing). That was delicious!

Other things that happened:

I took photos of the soccer teams for the yearbook. It was a totally new experience that I was really nervous for, but it ended up being pretty awesome! This week I'm gonna try to take our new football team's group photo ... wish little Lauren luck while she's surrounded by big football type people!

Discovered the game Plague Inc.. I finally successfully killed the entire human race with Stupidity! (That was the name of my disease, hehe.)

Played spy games and mafia with the guys on our floor again! Twas an incredibly fun evening. It is always the highlight of my week.

And yesterday I got to spend all day with Matt, just chilling out, watching youtube videos, talking with each other, and getting to do a skype AMA with his friends from his old college. Sooo much fun.

And of course I watched the latest episode of Top Model. Uuuuuugh why do they always make us wait until the next week? I'm seriously dying over here. Also the last Korra episode was spot on. The writers are seriously doing an awesome job adding more elements of the spirit world into the series, which makes me happy.

Hope you had a really super awesome week as well.

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