Thursday, November 28, 2013

Merry Thanksgiving

shirt/cardigan: borrowed // skirt/tights: forever 21 // boots/rings/brooch: gift

Enter my new favorite photo-taking spot. It has beautiful paved roads lined with different species of trees with little plaques telling what type they are and a bit of the history about them. There is even a Sitka Spruce, which is the state tree of Alaska. It reminds me of home. Plus, there are no people ever on the trail, aaaand ...

The cute little deer family lives here! I've seen them around campus several times (you can see them by following the tag #thedeerfamily on instagram), but I'm fairly certain they live in this park since I've seen them there on multiple occasions. They're just so cute! I'm hoping they'll get used to me being around so that I can get a little closer to them and go all snow white and crap, but we'll see.

But anyways, I hope you guys have a really great Thanksgiving! I'm spending it in the apartment with four of my friends. We've gathered our ingredients and today we will be cooking everything. My contributions are homemade macaroni and cheese (of course) and chocolate fudge pie. We also bought cheap wine glasses and sparkling cider, so it's going to be a really fancy night. Even though I don't get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I'm still pretty excited to eat yummy food and hang out with cool people.

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