Saturday, November 30, 2013


shirt/leggings: borrowed // polka dot shirt: thrifted // shorts: forever 21 // shoes/socks: target // scarf: ASOS
// photos taken by Bekah

It's now legal to start celebrating Christmas! There was a time in my childhood when the holiday season was the greatest season of them all. And it seems that my love of the holidays has only grown with age, because I am extremely excited for Christmas this year. Yesterday a couple of my friends and I went to Portland for the parade, and ended up spending the entire day exploring the city. I hadn't planned on doing it, but I ended up doing a lot of Christmas shopping thanks to the Little Box event put on by several local businesses. It was so much fun being able to go from store to store, looking at all the lovely handmade items, getting free food and drinks, entering tons of raffles, and getting to support local vendors. That's my kind of black friday shopping. It's so great and satisfying to not only be able to get some unique presents that I know my loved ones will love, but also to be able to support the community here in Oregon. All the companies participating in Little Boxes are filled with wonderful people. The event is still going on tomorrow, and after you visit your first "Little Box" participant, you automatically get 10% off all the other places you go to. Then there are raffle drawings at each of the places, and a grand prize drawing for all who submit their "passport" to facebook. So if you're in the Portland area today, I highly suggest you check out this wonderful little community!

I love being able to wander the streets and stores, people-watching and pretending we live in the cute little apartments and overhearing conversations and making some conversations of our own, all while drinking warm coffee and listening to people along the streets playing guitars or cellos or accordions. Portland is seriously one of the most beautiful places. I also finally got to eat my first Voodoo doughnut, and it did not disappoint! I got the Butterfingering, and the Peanut one is still sitting in the box waiting to be devoured. There's also Chinese food in the fridge from Chinatown, many photos stored on my phone from adventures in the MAX, cool store finds in my possession, and hilarious encounters saved to my memory. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people.

Have a wonderful day!

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