Wednesday, June 19, 2013

passing whimsies

dress: Passing Whimsies (here) // shoes: thrifted + diy // twig bracelet: diy // flower earrings: diy

This dress from my friend Lauren came at seriously the most perfect time. First of all, it totally matched my nails. I'm one who doesn't really care if my nails match my outfit, but boy do I get excited when they do. Second of all, with crazy high temperatures scheduled for this week, this is the perfect, lightweight summer dress to run around in. Plus I love love the open back. It's perfect for the cutout trend that I've been wanting to try out. (Now I just need to get some really cute bralettes to wear with it.) I think this is the first solid colored dress I've owned in a long time, so I can't wait to remix it with a ton of stuff. If you want some really beautiful pieces of clothing for low prices, be sure to check out Lauren's online store, Passing Whimsies! Also see how she styled it for winter!

Hope you have a beautiful day today!

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