Wednesday, June 5, 2013

carry me home

dress/skirt: thrifted // sandals: payless

One bad thing about having cats is this: everything is covered in cat hair. My cats are attracted to any piece of dark clothing. I kid you not, they will see a pile of clothes and lay down on the one black article of clothing. I've come to the point where I'm no longer super embarrassed about having my clothes covered in cat hair, despite multiple attempts at lint rolling. (I didn't think about lint rolling this dress before taking pictures with it though, so I'm out of excuses.) But regardless, I apologize for the cat hair in these photos!

Nearly every night, I've been watching tons of Modern Family. That show is so funny and makes me so excited for the (very far) future. In one episode, Phil (one of the dads) has a Phil-osophy book where he writes things that he's learned from his life. If there's one thing I've learned that's worthy of writing in a book, it's that your actions have consequences (and don't worry, I'm not actually suffering any consequences from any actions, this is just what I've seen and learned). Even if something seems fun or cool at the time, it could potentially ruin your life and all the plans you have. I'm writing this so I can remember to try to make as few mistakes as possible (because if there's anything else I've learned, it's that everybody makes mistakes ... everybody has those days). But back to Modern Family. I'm almost done with the fourth season and I'm dreading it. Why must I wait for the next season? I just want the show to last forever ... Do you guys have any suggestions for a good tv show to watch? Some of my favorites are New Girl, Community, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. Ah, so many good shows, so little time.

I hope you all have a really really fantastic day today! And be sure to enter my firmoo giveaway!

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