Thursday, June 13, 2013

world traveler

shirt: mother's closet // denim shirt: ebay (similar) // shorts: asos (similar)

It has been so so hot these past few days. It's nice and cool in the office where I work, so I'm usually wearing tights during the day, but as soon as I get home it's time to strip to the bare minimum amount of clothing. It's on hot days like this that I wish I had more summer clothing in my wardrobe, especially crop tops. I currently have three that I've worn to death, so I thought, "Hey, might as well try to turn all of my tops into crop tops." A recently post junior high Lauren would have been disappointed that I'm now returning to the days of knotting long shirts into shorter ones, but when you're trying not to die from heat, is there really any other choice? Speaking of crop tops, I've had my eye on this one forever now, but I haven't yet been able to justify buying it. Every time I'm tempted, I think, "Now Lauren, you could use that money for so many other things in the future, like that dream wedding, or roadtripping across the United States, or buying new camera equipment, or buying plane tickets to every place in the world," and then I don't click on that buy button.

I recently read this arcticle and consequently posted it to my photography page. One day, one day I shall do this. The plan now is to save up money, and when the time comes, spend an entire summer living out of my (soon to be existent) car or on couches that anyone is willing to let me sleep on, and make art, teach photography, and sell my (also soon to be existent) novel. Doesn't that seriously sound like the greatest thing ever? I've always wanted to take a huge roadtrip across the United States. My family has done a lot of moving so we've driven through a lot of states both in the Northwest, Central, and South United States, but we never got to go to any of the national parks or touristy type of places. I've always wanted to go see the Redwood Forest, or Niagara Falls, or Yellowstone National Park, or the Grand Canyon. But really, I just want to see as much of the world as I can. Travel the world or a crop top? I'll take the travels hands down. Sign me up.

Here's to some wonderful world travels!

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