Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Photos

best friends club
Best Friends Club

Carrie & Brandon's wedding

song of the everglade
Song of the Everglade

universe travelers
Universe Travelers

Here are some photos posted during the month of July. I've gotten really bad at putting my work online quickly, so this is only a very small showing of work that I actually did this month. On top of shoots, editing, work, and a lot of adventures, I also hosted my first First Friday reception for my August gallery show at a local coffee shop here in Anchorage. It was amazing getting to hang up real-life versions of my art for people to see for the whole month of August, and also having a lot of people come out and say hi (and even buy prints!) during the reception. You can see an online version of the show here, complete with commentary on the photos and ways to buy prints. In the coming months, I'll slowly upload those previously unpublished show pieces to the internet, so you'll see them again in future monthly photo posts.

I also have a backlog of some blog posts in my mind, but you probably won't read any of them until I am back in Oregon for school. So until then, I hope everyone has a great rest of their summer!

Monday, July 28, 2014

First Friday Show: Anchorage

Get ready everyone! Because I'm officially showing my very first, First Friday show for the month of August! The show is called "Inspire" and features twenty two images, twelve of which have never been seen before, of talented people who are huge inspirations because of their passions, dreams, and their drive to achieve them.

The show will be up for the entire month of August in Anchorage, but there is a special opening and reception happening THIS FRIDAY at 12100 Coffee (that's 12100 Old Seward Highway) from 6-9pm. I'll be there hanging out, passing out free cookies, and maybe even answering any questions you may have. A selection of the pieces will also be up for sale, hand signed with love.

I would love to be able to see you all there!

TO OUT OF STATE PEOPLE: While you're all more than welcome to come to Alaska (it's an awesome place!), I understand that some people can't make it. If that is the case with you, on August 2, I will be releasing an online link of the gallery where you can see and purchase the images. You'll also be able to read all the writings and behind-the-scenes stories of each photograph and get nearly the same experience online as you would in real life. If you pour yourself some coffee, it will be nearly identical.

I'm really excited to have this show and be able to share it with you all, and especially honor the people in the photographs who inspire me. Thank you all so much for your continued support. You guys are the best!

So once more, August 1, 12100 Coffee, 6-9pm, party time.

You can join the event and get all the details (even though at this point in time is was mostly a copy and paste sort of thing) right here! I would love to see you all there!

Monday, July 7, 2014

into the wild unknown

June 24, 2014 I hopped into the car and drove for two hours to a brand new location. Talkeetna was the destination, and I was so excited to see something new in Alaska. It definitely did not disappoint, and the drive with all its sights of Denali and other mountains and rivers and lakes were so breathtaking. This was a new kind of adventure, as I was driving to shoot some conceptual photos for the Emma Hill band (I will write more about it in detail when I show the final products). When I arrived to their location, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how crazy this whole situation was, to be able to take creative photos for a band. It was crazy to think that me, Lauren, was going to shoot with talented people I had never met before. Occasionally I speak of my introversion and shyness, and every day I am stepping out of my comfort zone to do some awesome things.

Shooting bands is something that I want to happen more regularly. I've always had a close connection with music, from playing it myself when I was younger, as well as my younger brother who is pursuing it in high school and soon college, to often feeling deep connections to songs, and I have a special respect for musical artists. Emma and Bryan (and their videographer, as well as the Gentlemen Callers) were simply wonderful and it was too much fun walking around the town of Talkeetna with them, searching for cool locations.

I stuck my feet in freezing water, trespassed on a grass airstrip, and fed goats, all while walking around wide eyed and in awe of the quaint town in the middle of the woods.

On the drive back to Anchorage we read funny lame jokes and listened to Ira Glass--so beautiful and relaxing. And that evening I went to Emma's house to shoot a portrait of the full band as well as some candid photos of their practice.

It was crazy and insane and absolutely amazing, and I am thankful every day for the unique opportunities I am given.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

the 4th

Long time no outfit post, huh? Yesterday I happened to find myself with a bit of free time, no access to a computer to work on client photos, and a need to get out of the house, so for old time's sake I grabbed my tripod and remote (and camera, of course), and took some photos of what I wore for July 4th. And no, this doesn't mean a resurgence of outfit posts. My camera/lens is starting to show wear and tear and doesn't really auto focus very well anymore, so even if I did want to take photos of myself all the time, I would get too tired of the soft focus that these photos have. But I digress ...

As everything, this post is a documentation--of my style evolution, of my confidence, of my hair growth, of my general youth to look back on in later years.

Of my style evolution; I'm starting to be drawn towards simpler, modern designs. Androgynous with a feminine twist. Also occasionally with some of the 90's resurgence. This outfit isn't particularly a mirror of that, but it is certainly a step away from my old, girly ice-cream dress, hair bow, past. (Though I'm not going to ever put myself in a box.) Of course, deciding to change your entire style is no easy process, but I'm finding ways to cut corners a bit--making my own clothes (like these mom-jeans turned shorts), looking through bags of clothes I hated in junior high and love now, and reworking the things I already own in new ways.

Of my confidence; It's taken a long time for me to become generally confident with myself look-wise, and it continues to get better every day. People can say that looks don't matter, but I'll be honest, I love feeling pretty. And American society is a very visual society, so outward appearance is important to an extent. But I won't get too into that ... I'm actually attempting to grow out my bangs, which I have had since eighth grade. I got bangs because I hated my forehead and my eyebrows, and they were great and I love them,but I just want to try something else out for a change. So for now I'm rocking the elementary school 90's middle bang part and I feel fabulous. And it's awesome! Also I'm gearing up the courage to bleach my hair and try blonde. I used to have blonde hair when I was little, and my mom, brother, and sister all have blonde hair. That's what I keep telling myself to convince myself that I won't look ridiculous with it. Either I'll go dirty blonde, or bleach it to a pinkish white, ooor maybe have it light purple. We'll see. But now is the perfect time for me to be totally irresponsible with my hair, since it would be a bit unprofessional after college, so might as well!

Anyways, these words are just for me to remember. Ever since I was a little girl, I would write in my diary and imagine myself (and a million other people because I was going to publish my diaries, haha) looking back after all those years and reading it again. I found a couple of those diaries, and let's just say it's not going to get published--nor is anyone ever going to see it. But at least now that I am a little bit more aware of myself, these silly little blog posts will be interesting (and hopefully not embarrassing) to read when I'm a lot older.

So with that, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, whether you were celebrating America or otherwise.