Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Photos

best friends club
Best Friends Club

Carrie & Brandon's wedding

song of the everglade
Song of the Everglade

universe travelers
Universe Travelers

Here are some photos posted during the month of July. I've gotten really bad at putting my work online quickly, so this is only a very small showing of work that I actually did this month. On top of shoots, editing, work, and a lot of adventures, I also hosted my first First Friday reception for my August gallery show at a local coffee shop here in Anchorage. It was amazing getting to hang up real-life versions of my art for people to see for the whole month of August, and also having a lot of people come out and say hi (and even buy prints!) during the reception. You can see an online version of the show here, complete with commentary on the photos and ways to buy prints. In the coming months, I'll slowly upload those previously unpublished show pieces to the internet, so you'll see them again in future monthly photo posts.

I also have a backlog of some blog posts in my mind, but you probably won't read any of them until I am back in Oregon for school. So until then, I hope everyone has a great rest of their summer!

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