Monday, July 7, 2014

into the wild unknown

June 24, 2014 I hopped into the car and drove for two hours to a brand new location. Talkeetna was the destination, and I was so excited to see something new in Alaska. It definitely did not disappoint, and the drive with all its sights of Denali and other mountains and rivers and lakes were so breathtaking. This was a new kind of adventure, as I was driving to shoot some conceptual photos for the Emma Hill band (I will write more about it in detail when I show the final products). When I arrived to their location, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how crazy this whole situation was, to be able to take creative photos for a band. It was crazy to think that me, Lauren, was going to shoot with talented people I had never met before. Occasionally I speak of my introversion and shyness, and every day I am stepping out of my comfort zone to do some awesome things.

Shooting bands is something that I want to happen more regularly. I've always had a close connection with music, from playing it myself when I was younger, as well as my younger brother who is pursuing it in high school and soon college, to often feeling deep connections to songs, and I have a special respect for musical artists. Emma and Bryan (and their videographer, as well as the Gentlemen Callers) were simply wonderful and it was too much fun walking around the town of Talkeetna with them, searching for cool locations.

I stuck my feet in freezing water, trespassed on a grass airstrip, and fed goats, all while walking around wide eyed and in awe of the quaint town in the middle of the woods.

On the drive back to Anchorage we read funny lame jokes and listened to Ira Glass--so beautiful and relaxing. And that evening I went to Emma's house to shoot a portrait of the full band as well as some candid photos of their practice.

It was crazy and insane and absolutely amazing, and I am thankful every day for the unique opportunities I am given.

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