Monday, April 8, 2013

there's something sweet in the air

dress: mom's closet // cardigan/shoes: thrifted // belt: dad's closet // earrings: diy

Look! My hair is long enough to braid again! I haven't been able to braid my hair for years, ever since I decided to cut all my hair off back in 2011. That was when I was just starting to get into personal style and blogging outfits and things of that nature, and I cut my hair off before I knew of the wonderful world of braids. Previously, all I did was straighten it (for two hours in the morning before school ... sheesh), and then when it was short it was so much more manageable. Would I go back to having it that short though? Probably not. It was fun while it lasted, but growing it out was a pain. But now I'm starting to reap the rewards in the form of long locks and braids and bows and all sorts of loveliness. For you long haired girls out there, what's your favorite updo to do?

Over spring break, my roommate Annette bought me some henna (she knows me so well), so everyone has been tatting themselves up. I'm trying to ration the stuff so it will last at least the rest of this month, but I've already drawn two more designs on myself, so we will see how self-controlled I really am. All my friends want to get a tattoo to commemorate us graduating college (in a few years, so I have time to prepare myself for massive pain), and I've been drawing up designs in my new tattoo obsession. I definitely don't want anything huge, not only because I want to experience as little pain as possible, but also because putting henna all over myself made me realize that I don't really want a lot of stuff permanently on my skin, just because I am so self-conscious about it. But man, if I wasn't, then you can guarantee I would have tattoos everywhere. (But for my mother, it's safe to say that that is never going to happen, haha.)

I hope you have a really wonderful day.

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