Friday, November 9, 2012

fallin' for you

dress: borrowed // shirt/pen pin: thrifted // tights: diy // shoes: target // jacket: from a friend

Hello everybody! Let's just take a moment to appreciate how marvelous all the beautiful fall leaves are! I am so so in love with all the beautiful colors. Every time my friends and I go on walks, I purposely walk in the piles of leaves. I always feel like a kid again crunching in the leaves. The fall here is seriously so gorgeous and I kind of want it to be fall all the time.

The camera is my friend Jenna's grandfather's. I love being able to hold a piece of history because it has so many stories. Just think of all the locations and memories this camera captured. I can only imagine Jenna's grandpa carrying this around. I wonder if he thought that one day I would hold the same thing? That's why I love vintage things, because their stories are limitless.

Can you believe that it's already Friday? Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

lotus flower

dress (polka dot undershirt): handmade / shirt/skirt/jacket: borrowed // tights: mom's closet // shoes: forever 21 // ring #1/#2: Matt/antique shop

I wore this outfit to the Bombay Bicycle Club concert and have worn a couple other variations since then. I seriously love being able to borrow other people's clothes. It really opens up your options and I've been able to explore and hone in my personal style. I really love mixing patterns so much, I don't think I can wear anything without contrasting patterns. And the joy of having friends with cute closets is that I can experiment without having to buy a million things. But it also makes me realize how few basic pieces I actually have. My own closet, I've had many people say, seems like the inside of a drama closet (I literally have things in there from my high school's drama department), which is cool for quirky pieces but not so much basics. Even though I'm a poor college student now, I definitely will one day start working on building a more functional wardrobe that has good basic pieces that are easier to wear multiple times.

The first ring is from Matt. We got each other rings as 1 1/2 anniversary presents before we moved, and I recently got it resized to fit my finger. It makes me super happy when I look down at it, because it reminds me of him and he is pretty awesome.

The second ring is from an antique shop here in Oregon. It was only six dollars and fit my finger perfectly, so of course I had to snatch it up. I like to imagine it was someone's wedding ring, but then I wonder why it was given up, and why it was sold for only six dollars (pretty sure the stones aren't real, so that's probably why), but it's fun to think of a story to go with a piece like that.

I can't believe it's already Thursday. Hope you guys have a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'll see you soon

day 311

Since because of the time change it is dark by the time I get out of work, I'm having to take my 365 photo in the morning. We shall see how many creative ideas I can chug out at nine am.

detail shot here.

we're all a little mad

shirt/dress (striped shirt): borrowed // suspenders: hot topic // jeans/shoes: target // necklace: Matt

This is by far one of my favorite outfits ever. It's like the perfect marriage between masculine and feminine, business and quirky. Masculine and business from the suspenders and straight-legged jean and heels, and feminine and quirky from the fun colors and collars. I felt like I was a walking party all day wearing this, and it was a fantastic feeling.

Yesterday I got to meet with my college advisor about classes next semester, and she made me not stressed, and inversely as excited for spring semester. I'm now taking 18 credits, but I'm finally getting to take a photography class! That means I'll get to work in the darkroom and actually learn techniques. I'm so excited for all the new opportunities I'll get to experience. Also, I'm feeling a lot better about double majoring. At first I thought it would be really hard to double major, but really it's easy to double major in English and Art. I am so glad I don't have to compromise the things I love to do just for the sake of classes and getting done with school in four years.

Hope you all have a marvelous day!