Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pumpkin patched

day 295

On Sunday my friends and I went to a pumpkin patch! I've been to a pumpkin patch once or twice before, but this one was insane! They had huge pumpkin cannons and a giant corn maze that we got lost in for at least half an hour and pumpkins as far as the eye can see.

I don't know if every person experiences this, but I feel like I'm sort of getting a chance to redo my childhood, only this time I'm actually willing to appreciate it. I can remember times when I didn't want to do something fun like go to a pumpkin patch, and even when my parents made me go I had the most miserable time, simply because of the fact that I am stubborn and if I am in a bad mood then I want to be in a bad mood, if that makes sense.

But now that I am in college, and it may be because I have friends to do it with, or because experiencing it on my own is something I've never done before, I really love doing things like this. Maybe it's because I'm just *ahem* growing up, but that seems like an oxymoron to me because I feel like I'm looking at the world with brand new baby eyes.

I certainly hope growing up means getting baby eyes, because I really don't want to lose this outlook on life. I guess the way to do that is the way to do anything: hold on to it. Remind me to always make a conscious effort to try to look at the world with new eyes every day, like every day is my last day to see.

Also, I love my beautiful friends. From left to right: Tabatha, me, Ivy, Rebekah, Annette

I love how college brings people from all over the country together. If it weren't for college, I would have never known of the existence of these beautiful, talented girls.

a different kind of fix

day 294

Hey guys! Long time no see! It's been a busy week, but never fear, I have a ton of photos and stories to tell you. The reason I haven't uploaded was mostly because of a psychology test that I had on Monday, and I'm happy to report that I got a 93% on it! And then on Tuesday I might have gotten carried away in the pottery lab and spent the entire evening making a freaking teapot. It took three hours and many components and much sitting around waiting for everything to dry, but I'd say it looks pretty good so far.

But on to the blog post at hand. Because I really love all my 365 photos that I was too busy to actually post, I'm going to stretch out posting them so that each one gets the credit it deserves. These photos in particular were taken on Saturday. My friend Ivy and I bought tickets to go see Bombay Bicycle Club in Portland and man oh man, it was the best concert I've ever been to.

Portland itself is so gorgeous and it feels like every street is alive with music. Ivy and I ate dinner at a random street corner restaurant and I felt like if my parents knew what I was doing at the time, they would have killed me. Probably not actually, but I mean, Ivy and I were in a strange place eating dinner and then going to a concert surrounded by random other people. Okay, even when I say it like that it doesn't sound that bad, but at the time, I felt like such a rebel and it was an awesome feeling.

Then we stood outside for the doors to open, then we waited inside another hour for the concert to start. The opening band was Vacation and they were super chill (they would be proud of me for using that word, because the lead person said it a lot throughout the night). All the colors were so magical (actually, the whole show was magical), I just wanted to bathe in them all night long (and take them home with me for awesome pictures).

Finally Bombay Bicycle Club came on stage and everyone reveled in the music. After the event was over, Ivy made the statement that she felt God in the midst of the music, and it was so insane because I had that exact same thought. It's so beautiful to feel God even in a place where you wouldn't be looking for Him or expect Him to be in, and that night it was such a potent feeling I just wanted to laugh and cry and dance around because of it. To be honest, before coming to Oregon, I had all but given up on the idea of God just because I was tired of the whole Christian thing (our chapel topic today was about this too) and tired of God. But He knew that going to a building every Sunday morning wouldn't bring me back to Him. It's been through people and nature. We have been learning in our Bible class that to be a righteous person is to be in right relationships, and I have made such beautiful relationships in the short months that I've been in Oregon that I have fallen back in love with God just a little bit. And the same goes with Oregon itself. Who knew I could fall so madly in love with a place? The very ground I walk reminds me of God and I am constantly in awe of the beauty of the land. That beauty has made me fall in love with God too. I am so thankful that He is bringing me back slowly through people and through nature; it's as if I didn't even notice I was falling back in love with Him. It's a slow process though, but I'm not so tired of the whole Christian thing anymore.

But anyways, back to the retelling of events ... after the concert Ivy and I decided to drive to Washington just for the heck of it. It totally baffles me that it only takes a few hours to drive through the state. Alaska has rubbed off on me in the fact that we truly are secluded from the rest of the United States and can't just jump in a car and drive to a different state. Well we drove over the bridge into Washington--and then turned right back around to drive home.

It was an unbelievably, fantastically magical night, to say the very least.

Monday, October 22, 2012

our week

the exposure tattoo made a reappearance // birds hanging from my desk // the beautiful Oregon sunset // setting up a photoshoot // a handmade pen holder // little mermaid in a tent // some favorite 365 photos from the week // love in the sky // the Bombay Bicycle Club concert

These are some of the things we did last week. What did you guys do last week? Let me know so everyone here at Introvert's Introduction can hear about it! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

what lurks in the night

day 293

I can't stay and chat for long, because I'm currently in a giant fort with my friends and we are all watching disney movies. It's been a good friday night.