Saturday, July 28, 2012

what I want to be when I grow up

day 209

My mom, sister, and I met up with our dad at work (my mom's husband ... gotta keep the sentence grammatically correct) to watch the airshow. My dad kindly modeled for me while his co-workers secretly made fun of him over grilling hot dogs and old country music (thanks, Dad). (I'll try to have a full post up about it tomorrow as this photo ended up taking over nearly my entire evening, and boy to I have some cool photos to share!)

My dad has been in the military for twenty years and has more stories than could ever be told (partly because he's not allowed to tell some of them) and is the funniest and smartest person I know. I hope my husband is as great as my dad is to my mom and us kids. I love you Daddy!

Friday, July 27, 2012

fairy princess

pearl of enchantment dress: c/o sugarlips // lace tights: mother's closet // heels: famous footwear

This dress is called the Pearl of Enchantment dress, but I say it's more of a fairy princess dress because that's exactly what I felt like when I put it on. I'm usually not one to wear dresses with elastic waists because they always hang funny on me, but seriously people, this dress is amazing.

The other day I wore the dress with these forever 21 accessories because it was cloudy and rainy, so I wanted to include some photos of how I wore it then. Of course today it is super hot out (a whopping 66 degrees and I'm dying) so I only got a couple of shots in the jacket before I was sweating like none other (wow that's so gross Lauren).

Have a fantastic day everyone, and don't forget to enter the We Love Colors giveaway!

happiness; hold on

day 208

For the morning part of today I moped around, watched the finale of Design Star that had been recorded, got sucked into two hours of Chopped, and then decided to do something productive and take photos. I will have a full outfit post up in a few hours (woah I'm doing an outfit post? It's only been forever since I did one.) so be excited people! All the neighbors and people on the road probably thought I was absolutely insane while I took this photo ... but that's okay. You can see the before and after on my facebook page! (you could maybe even 'like' it pretty please?)

After I started feeling better from getting a million scratches from trees and dirty looks from drivers for laying on coolers in front of a camera (I'm actually not being sarcastic, I get such a rush from doing crazy things like that), I went to church to practice my song on Sunday (yeeeah I'm singing in church oh happy happy joy) and then headed over to Matt's house to watch Doctor Who and hang out with super awesome people. So I would say my bad day ended up being pretty great.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

sky sailing

day 207

I know, I know, this is a lame excuse for a photo. I haven't really been in a 365 project mood, but hopefully maybe tomorrow I'll actually put forth a little effort. At any rate, this is a peek into what my room looks like. The painting I did two years ago when I first moved up to Alaska and had nothing better to do with my time.

Today I got to go over to Matt's house to have a Batman marathon and then we headed out to watch the new movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you must do so now.