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Saturday, July 28, 2012

the air show

Yesterday my family (minus my brothers because they are away at camp) went to the air show! The guys at my dad's work had a cook out set up, complete with bad country music (sorry people, I'm not the biggest fan of country), greasy food, and awkward standing around while the adults talked about who knows what.

I had been pretty bummed out because I had forgotten to bring my telephoto lens (I always forget that darn thing when I need it the most), but after Matt slapping some sense into me (via a nice text message) I started to enjoy myself and now looking back, I'm actually happy I used my 50mm because, I won't even lie, the photos turned out kind of awesome.

Watching the planes make close calls and crazy flips was pretty astounding. My sensitive stomach definitely would not be able to take it, though I think it would be really awesome to fly through the sky like those pilots do. Matt's dad is a pilot, and even though he doesn't fly fast jets like the airplanes we saw at the air show, I can't imagine how hard it would be to actually fly a plane. But then again, a lot of people fly planes here in Alaska and you can even get your pilot license while you're still in high school (I'm unsure of the age, but I think it's sixteen), so perhaps it's not too hard.

I ended up having a really great time at the air show. It was a beautifully sunny day (I don't know how the military manages to have the air show on sunny days every single year) and my parents and I (Moriah hid in the car because of the loud noises) had a lot of fun laughing and enjoying all the cool airplanes!

How did you spend your weekend?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

strength is in my hand

day 72

Spent a nice evening with my dear. We went to go see Act of Valor, which made me very proud of my dad for being a part of the military, really glad that he is now retired, and really glad that Matt doesn't want to be in the military. I could never do what my dad did, and I am forever proud to have him as my father.