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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

bellarive + digital age concert

bellarive + the digital age

There's just something about going to a concert, being surrounded by other people, and feeling completely washed over by the music. It's a little bit different to run around as the photographer, like you're looking on the outside of a department store window set up, only you can still hear the music and feel the energy. You even dance around a little bit as you run from one end of the stage to the other, snapping away photos and being so energized you don't even look to see if they're coming out or not. You just look through the viewfinder and you know the picture is perfect. Concerts are always a strange way of escapism. All the world's problems can't break into the throng of people jumping up and down, and your own thoughts are drowned out by music and bass notes. And even when it's over, the energy still lingers on like a haze, giving you courage to talk to strangers and strength to stay up late and process photos.

Ah yes, the photographer life. It's a good one.

Friday, January 27, 2012

we joined the yacht club

day 25

It's spirit week at school, which means everyone has been dressing up all crazy like. Today was class colors day, so all the seniors were decked out in red. Of course Rory didn't have a red shirt, only a monkey hat and a sombrero ... but that's why we love him.

For my 18th birthday my dad bought Matt and I tickets to go see The Young Guns and Owl City! I've been to maybe five concerts in my entire life, so the whole experience was quite surreal. It's awesome to discover local bands that are talented, so you should all go check out The Young Guns on facebook!

As some of you know, I moved to Alaska the summer of 2010. It was by far the hardest move of all and I don't think I've fully recovered from the depression. Or at least I'm not quite content with aspects of my current life as opposed to the life I had before I moved. But anyways, Owl City's music really helped me get through that time. Specifically the song "Alaska." I can promise you that that song was especially for me from God, because it came at the time I needed it the most and every single word matches up to what I've had to and am experiencing. It still makes me cry.

I was in a state of awe the entire night. Seeing someone you admire right in front of you creates a very nice feeling. Adam Young has such a kind soul and I love that anyone can see it in his smile. Knowing that God used him to help me and then being able to see him in person is so surreal. I still can hardly believe it.