Saturday, March 3, 2012

dustland fairytale

day 63

This photo has been in my head for quite some time and finally I had time to go out and shoot it today. Things have been pretty slow today, but I've gotten a lot of blog and photography things done and exciting things are going to occur on here in the upcoming weeks! (I know I keep saying that, haha but tis true!)

Friday Night Light

day 62

Yesterday I got to go bowling with some super awesome people! Bowling is one of my favorite things to do, because it's a ton of fun and really hilarious, especially when you're surrounded by cool and funny people.

These photos were taken by everyone, and I've forgotten who took which ones, so the overall credit goes Jessey, Kylie, Dayl, and myself. Those three girls make me smile so much!

After we went bowling we roamed the mall and tried on random clothes. I hardly ever go to the mall, and when I do it's only to forever 21, but I bought a few things from a brand new store! I can't wait to style them ... and they are really crazy pieces too.

Once we went our separate ways I headed over to my friend Paul's house for video games and junk food. I seriously love spending Friday nights with friends.

I hope your Friday was fantastic as well! What did you do?

I have hope

outfit: coat, skirt, tights from forever 21 // shirt from thrift store // diy bow tie

Hello everyone! Who else is glad this week is over? It seems like the weeks have gotten progressively harder, but with spring break right around the corner, we just have to push through. Only one more week!

It seemed especially cold when taking these photos ... I didn't even bother to take off my gloves and coat! There always seems to be a heat wave around January, but then the weather tricks us and dumps a lot more snow mid-March. Oh when will it melt?

Last night was really awesome, so stay tuned today for a post about that!

Have an awesome weekend everyone. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

snap shot

day 61


So a while back I entered this photo in a photography contest that one of my greatest inspirations was holding. Aaaaand I got first place! The prize was this lovely beauty and my oh my am I in love. I have no idea how to use it yet though ... I pushed the shutter button earlier and it started making a weird noise and then took a picture! So my first picture on the roll of film is of our kitchen counter. Haha. So in the upcoming days I'm going to study up on how to work this thing and hopefully take some good pictures with it!

Also a lot of bloggers have been doing the 11 things about me thingie, and since Introvert's Introduction is a brand spankin' new blog, I figured eh, why not. So here we go.

1. Welp, first off, I'm horrible at coming up with things about myself. I guess it's because I don't want people to think I'm arrogant or prideful and I'm always afraid it will come off that way. That's why any sort of thing focused on myself (be it blogging about myself or taking self-portraits) sometimes makes me uneasy, simply because there's a part of me that's afraid of what people will think of me. But that's totally stupid because I shouldn't care about the opinions of those who are hurtful.

2. I love dreams. Like, literal dreams. And who doesn't? I'm taking Psychology right now, and the book we're reading said that most dreams depict everyday scenarios ... well I've had dreams about deadly rainbows and demon eyeballs (that one left me with a fear of close up images of eyes ...) and giants and being sucked inside video games. For serious. I don't have dreams very often, but when I do, they are awesome.

3. I like boxes. Hahaha golly I'm so weird. There's a box right next to me right now. Even weirder! When I was little I would collect anything cardboard and make stuff out of it. Houses, telescopes, jewelry, swords, you name it. Nowadays I don't make that stuff, but you never know when you may need a good ol' box!

4. I used to have a tradition that whenever I was really sad, I would climb the tree in our backyard and cry. When you climb to the tippy top of the tree you can look over the roof of our house and see the ocean. There's just something about nature that it seems appropriate for a person to cry while being surrounded by it.

5. On that same note, I'm in love with the Romantic writers and that time period in general. If I had to put a label on my writing style, I would point straight to the romantics. Nature is just the most beautiful thing ever, sometimes I get lost staring at the snowfall or the way ice freezes to trees or how perfectly the sun falls onto the snow to make it sparkle. The sounds of nature are just simply magical.

6. I am also a hopeless romantic. I am in love with love. Anything super cheesy I just adore. You know the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress? You can guarantee that I will be crying in every single episode. The key to my heart? Be as cheesy as possible, haha. But this part of me has gotten me in trouble, so I'm trying to repress the cheese just a little bit. :)

7. Speaking of cheese, I stinkin LOVE cheese!!!!! Aaaah cheese. If I had the choice between eating macaroni and cheese or living an extra two years, I really and truly just might choose the cheese. At my school in Oklahoma we had half day Wednesdays, so every Wednesday for lunch I would come home and cook myself homemade macaroni and cheese. It was heaven.

8. You are reading the blog of the queen of procrastinators. Did your homework the night before? Please, that's too easy. I do it the morning of. Wake up at four in the morning, grab the apple juice, and start typing away, not even knowing what the heck I'm talking about. It's super stressful and I really hate procrastinating, but I still do it. And somehow I manage to get really good grades on the papers I type when I'm half asleep.

9. I love little kids. I've helped in nurseries in churches even before I was technically allowed to (so like age fifteen). I love playing with babies and playing with toddlers ... not so much the crying and changing diapers and arguing ... but for the most part I adore little children. It's so much easier to talk to them than to people my own age too. :/ And they're just so cute! But at the same time, I have this irrational fear of giving birth .. okay, maybe just having to go through the pain of it. And needles. I hate needles too. I don't like voluntarily putting myself in pain, so the idea of birthing a child does not appeal to me. But also I cannot wait to become a mom (NOT anytime in the near future, mind you, haha). I can't wait!

10. I'll have to keep the last two short because it's late and I wish to sleep ... I'm not a morning person in the least. I would much rather stay up into unknown hours of the night (like I'm doing now, le sigh), than to sleep now and wake up early. That just seems gross. Plus, it seems like at night I am most happy and energized and creatively inclined. Good thing in the summer it doesn't get dark!

11. Funny how I said the last two would be short and #10 ended up being the same length as all the rest. Aaaand that will be my last fact.

Now onto fashion photos where I look silly!

I hope you all have an awesome Friday!