Monday, February 10, 2014

my twentieth

My twentieth birthday was on January twentieth, so I knew it would be absolutely perfect. The entire United States also decided to celebrate, so we all got a day off of school to partake in birthday festivities. I have decided that the best kind of birthday is the one where I'm surrounded by my favorite people and we are all adventuring together. Last year my friends took me to a chocolate festival where we ate our body weight in pure delicious, so I wasn't sure how we were going to top it this year. But we found ourselves on the beach, on a particularly warm day, with the sun shining down.

For my own documentation purposes, we rode on a merry-go-round, explored the many shops in town, ate so much candy and so much food, and explored the beach. I am just so in love with the ocean and being able to be near it for a milestone day was a wonderful gift. That, and being with my best friends made it more than what I could have hoped for. For a moment, everything was right with the world.

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