Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life Update

Here is a little life update for you all, as I haven't posted too much about my personal life in a while. Things are busy, but good. If it wasn't required for class, I would probably take a blog hiatus due to all the things going on. The biggest thing is our school's yearbook, which is being transformed this year by myself and a team of amazing, creative people. I have been so blessed by getting to work on this project, and with the print deadline coming up very quickly, I am barely swimming above water to get everything done. Contacting businesses and teams, gathering instagram photos, taking photos, interviewing, and writing articles, it has been and will be a hectic couple of weeks! But the wonderful thing is, everyone on our team is very invested and we won't rest (literally. We have scheduled a couple all nighters to work on the book) until it is amazing. If you want to watch a cool video about the yearbook, you should look here.

Another big thing is getting my university's Art and Design Blog underway. It's slowed down a bit due to technicalities in getting it set up, but I am very excited about it. Hand-in-hand with that is a design agency that we are trying to found, but that is still in the pre-production stage.

Then, and I am very excited to announce this, I got an internship! A couple weeks ago I mentioned going for an interview on instagram, but didn't say anything else about it because I wasn't sure I would get it. But I did, so here we are. It's during this school year, for a wedding photographer, and I'll be doing stock photography for him--keywording things, setting up photoshoots, making money, all that jazz. I am very excited for this opportunity and can't wait to start it in the next few weeks!

Other random things in my life:

1. Matt and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday, and I love him more every single day.
2. For my photography class, I have to take pictures of strangers, and it's been stretching me in the best way. (Doesn't make it any less terrifying!)
3. Today I got to hold a sugar glider! Now I have to figure out a way to get one for myself.

Other than that, it's the daily grind of schoolwork, photography work, and trying to get a nap in any time I can. But life is good. And I am happy.

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