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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

shop my closet!

Ah yes, Lauren has finally joined the bandwagon and created a "shop my closet" website. Do I get a blogger award now? But in all seriousness, I'm looking to get rid of a few pieces that don't quite fit me right or that I don't really wear anymore, so I'm turning to you good people of the internet to see if you want any of these fine gems. All of the details are on the Shop My Closet website. The prices are pretty cheap, but if you want to convince me to go down on the prices, I'm pretty easy to convince. ;) Like I said, I want to get rid of these pieces and give them new, loving homes.

Below are a few of the items in the store:

"Blue Embroidered Dress"

"Purple Lace Shirt"

"Velvet Floral Jacket"

"Green and Purple Skirt"

Again, you can scroll through all of the items for sale here. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Have a great day!

Friday, June 28, 2013

mixology 101 // remix my closet [closed]

Now it's time to put all that new knowledge to the test! If you're just joining in on this week of mixology, be sure to check out the previous posts here: intro//color//prints//combinations

I've pulled together some select pieces (basically my entire wardrobe) for you to mix together! You can choose as many pieces as you want, you can choose multiples pieces in one category, the point is that you're the stylist, and I'm your client! You have full reign. Comment below with how you would create an outfit with these colorful printed pieces. A great example comment would be something like this: "I would love to see the lace button down shirt over the striped shirt, with the purple pencil skirt." And then tomorrow (or in the next couple of days, depending on how many people participate), I'll style the outfit and show you why it was successful or not so much. I hope you have fun doing this!

Button-down shirts (could also be worn as cardigans, can be tied, can be worn under or on top of other pieces):
1. lace, 2. beige floral, 3. pink floral, 5. denim leaf print, 6. purple floral

Regular shirts (can be worn tied, on top of other pieces):
1. zebra print, 2. floral, 3. striped, 4. polka dot, 5. crop top, 6. green polka dot

1. gray, 2. purple, 3. green, 4. lace, 5. two-toned vest

1. orange floral, 2. purple pencil, 3. pink/blue, 4. green multicolored, 5. yellow floral

1. High waisted striped, 2. pink shorts, 3. plum, 4. red

1. polka dot, 2. pink open back, 3. purple lace, 4. yellow zigzag, 5. ice cream, 6. geometric, 7. cherry

1. blue floral leggings, 2. pink/blue floral leggings, 3. lace tights, 4. green tights, 5. purple zigzag socks, 6. polka dot socks, 7. cupcake socks