Friday, August 22, 2014

independence mine // collaboration

July 25, 2014

You're looking at the best day of my summer, in the second most beautiful place I've ever seen (the first most I'll blog about tomorrow!). This photoshoot was well over a month in the making. At the beginning of summer, Miranda and I got in contact with each other. She's just starting out in modeling, and I'm just starting out shooting with models, so it was a perfect fit. Plus, she is one of the nicest people I've ever met. It was such a blast getting to work with her!

We began the day by getting make up done by makeup artist Gibby (I'll give all the details on everyone when I publish the actual shoot). She was fantastic and knew exactly what I wanted even though I'm the worst at makeup. It was amazing.

Then Miranda, her friend Julia, my awesome assistant Haley, and I all headed out to Independence Mine. I've wanted to go there for a couple years now but never did, simply because I don't like going on adventures by myself--much more fun to share them with others. So this summer, I was going to make a plan to get out there. During a coffee date with Miranda, she said she had always wanted to go there as well, so I knew we had to make it happen! Of course, the day of the shoot it rained the hardest out of the entire summer, but we took the three hour drive anyways. It was a bit misty when we got to the abandoned town, but that only made for a really cool atmosphere. It was as if we had entered a different world. My words and even the photos don't do it justice. You have to go experience it for yourself.

We set up the wardrobe inside one of the houses, quickly scouted out different locations, and got to shooting! It was so so much fun and we got some fantastic photos, and it's really hard for me to work on client work before working on this "for fun" shoot. Because as you can tell, Miranda is insanely gorgeous and I'm dying to start working on them!

This place was beautiful. Everyone who was a part of it were even more beautiful. And I can sometimes hardly believe that this is what I get to do on a regular basis.

big lake // July 19, 2014

Every year our two families get together at our family friend's cabin at Big Lake, and this year was probably the best one yet. It was basically the perfect summer weather, with the sun shining, warm water, and we couldn't resist jumping in the water multiple times. Jet skis, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming ... yeah, I'm kind of wanting to go back from looking at these photos again.

I also got to play a bit with my brother's underwater iphone case, which is why some of the photos look kind of funny. Water on the lens does weird, awesome things.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mchugh creek // client shoot

July 17, 2014

Two important facts about this shoot: 1. This was my very first client shoot location ever, 2. Lori and Cory are some of my favorite people and clients.

It felt funny coming back to this place for the first time since my very first client photoshoot way back in June of 2011. There were a lot of strange memories, because even though those first client photos were good at the time, well, they aren't as good as what I can produce now. So my memory of this location was limited to those photos. Coming back, there were so many new and awesome spots that we went to, and it just goes to show that no matter how many times you visit a place, it surprises you with something new every time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

flattop // client shoot

July 13, 2014

Some general photos from exploring Flattop with Jessica. I reached out to her after reading about a show she was doing in Anchorage, and we met up to take some photos and enjoy the Anchorage skyline. It was such a strange thing, because I usually try to meet my clients prior to shooting, just so that we can become more comfortable with each other, but she and I were unable to simply due to scheduling and time slots. It all worked out perfectly though, and I'm pleased with the images we got.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to post those results, but I've been so busy that I haven't had much time. But this day was a great one, and Jessica is a very talented individual and I'm so glad I go to meet her!