Monday, June 1, 2015

this summer

Feeling incredibly inspired at the moment, and suddenly found myself at this old space again. So much has happened since March and I once more feel like a different person from who I was then. This is my last "real" summer before I potentially never have school again, and I'm taking every moment one at a time. Since spending the month of May on the craziest adventure at the other side of the world, I have deepened my outlook on life that everything is intrinsically beautiful and I need to see it all. I'm already planning the next adventure to Oklahoma and Georgia and Alaska and it's exciting to be able to visit my childhood spaces.

I've been super into tea recently and have been trying out a bunch of different blends. I got some from New Zealand and Matt got me some from England and I've been drinking them out of wine glasses while I work. I'm sitting at a desk like a real adult and writing a lot and doing yoga and it's raining a beautiful summer Oregon rain right now. New music is playing and I'm saying yes to all the spontaneous trips I can.

At the beginning of the year, I labeled 2015 the Year of Adventure. I don't label every year, but this one called to me strongly. Now I know why and it makes me very content. There's an aching for me to travel, physically, mentally, creatively, and now upon entering the halfway point in the year, I see every way it has stretched me and I am so thankful for every experience and person I've been blessed to meet and know.

Life is so weird and I'm reminded of that every day. But it's so so beautiful and every person I see on the street is so beautiful. I wish everyone could know how beautiful they are.

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