Tuesday, September 2, 2014

camping // crooked creek

August 9, 2014

It seemed appropriate that we had one camping trip at the beginning of summer, and our second at the end of summer (my dad broke part of his arm, which left us unable to camp for all the time in between). This place was where the freshwater Crooked Creek met with saltwater Kenai River, which allowed for the water to be two different shades of blue. My brother swam in two rivers at once, baby salmon nibbled at our toes, we played too many board games in the tent, fell asleep and woke up to rain, but got to play in the sun during the day. I love being able to just explore and play and not have to worry about the outside world, with its emails and social media and responsibilities, and instead just really live in the moment, live off what we have, live in the land.

It was a beautiful end to summer.

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