Thursday, April 3, 2014

in my studio

undershirt/shorts: forever 21 // striped shirt: thrifted

Okay, the title is a little misleading because my "studio" was actually me momentarily taking over my roommate's room to take these photos ... but guys, I am so excited about this. My photo department at my university got brand new lighting equipment, and I finally got to try it out! I was beginning to feel like I was stuck with progressing in my photography, but now with actual lights to play with, I'm finally learning something new! With that in mind, these photos certainly aren't the best lighting in the world. But it was my first try, and it was sort of like seeing your favorite celebrity in real life--I was just a little starstruck with beautiful, glorious softboxes in front of me. Man, I am just so excited!

As for my outfit, I think I had three different people make some sort of referee comment, but whatever. Over spring break I found this shirt at a thrift store, and I've already worn it too many times to count. It's such a versatile piece and I'm starting to get an obsession for stripes, so this might not come off of my body for a while.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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