Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy fourth

Happy fourth of July everyone! And happy Independence Day to my American friends. I may or may not have an outfit post up today, as my family from the lower forty eight just flew in last night for the celebrations and vacationing. But you can look back a year ago and see my outfit from 2012, just for kicks. I hope you have a great and safe day filled with celebration and appreciation!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

mixology results // green + purple

dress/tights/belt: thrifted // cardigan: ? // boots: forever 21

This is the outfit Z put together for me from my remix my closet post. I added the belt to go with the leopard print on the inside of my boots, and to add another print. Since both of the prints are neutral colors, they work. Since they are contrasting prints, one geometric, one organic, they work. Since on print is big and one is small, they work. I loved the colors in the cardigan/tights that she picked, and probably wouldn't have thought to pair them together! Since the purple and green are both dark colors, they look pretty awesome next to each other!

In other news, my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin are all coming up for the fourth of July! So I'm a bit unsure how posts will go for the next few days since I'm being kicked out of my room and there will be a lot of extra peering eyes to creep on me while I take outfit pictures, but I can guarantee there will be a lot of fun event photos for you to look forward to!

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, July 1, 2013

june photos

take me back

"take me back"





(I'll be doing another post on "gold", which will include a video and some behind the scenes photos!)

As I suspected from the beginning of the month, I didn't create as many pieces for June. But the pieces I did create I am extremely proud of. It's definitely an effort of quality over quantity, and I'll take just a few amazing ideas over a lot of mediocre ones.

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June in review

June has been such an unbelievably fantastic month. Above are just a few of my favorite posts, which was hard to whittle down because I blogged every single day this month! (Well, except for one day. But I was camping.) It's been so much fun this month, from camping, to the color run, to my internship and hanging out with friends, I'm sad to see June go! This has been turning into the best summer ever.